Feb ’09

as mentioned i will be taking part in the 2009 National Piano& Violin Competition, I have narrowed it down to 3 piano concertos which i will be playing around with till the new list appears in april.

Beethoven Piano Concerto no.1 in C(i’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will include it this year, if they do, it’s my 1st choice, it’s already harder then playing Mozart no.26)

Beethoven Piano Concerto no.3(overplayed here where i live…a little hesitant about this one, no doubt i will be able to use it to show my strengths but alot of weaknesses will have to be gotten rid off. it will be the most challenging for me but my teacher believes that i can do it and afterall i like it alot, enough to work at it)

Mozart Piano Concerto no.23( the famous and undeniably over-played one across¬†the world, we’ll see…but this one will probably be the easiest for me to pull off as my teacher and i have to choose one that i will be able to win with)

the other pieces i will draw from what i’m learning with my private teacher, in the previous post i mentioned what we had chosen and this is what i’ve started work on:

Beethoven op.13 Pathetique sonata- learning 1st& 2nd mvts…the 3rd soon

Chopin Etude op.10 no.5 Black Key

Rachmaninoff Prelude op.23 no.4 in D major

Bartok 6 Romanian Dances(for fun)

and for school exams(no limitations for piece level this sem so):

Mozart Sonata in a minor- bringing 1st mvt up to speed& memorising, will learn 2nd&3rd mvts not for exam though Brahms Intermezzo op.118 no.2- learning(bringing it back after i never finished it, here’s my chance)


that’s all for now…

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